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Gallery 4
older presentations for your enjoyment

squeeze in please
Artful Dodger rain maker shadow
management horses coffee tea or me pa pa open
Alexie banners Eritrean Johnny Appleseed garage maintenance Bowery Boy 1904 keep off the levee log new country the rescue
le belle et le bete le bete railside directional beached what wire cutters Lion the one that got away hello bright side of the moon you like my big barn
KFC, water and me for lunch skating in Gravenhurst where's the wallpaper the red umbrella another red umbrella Carnival in Venice - I've paid the boatman the naked manniquin sand storm coming broadcasting live, as it happens Sith Troopers
things do go better with Coke road through the pines where are the slopes wanna take a break warp drive The Salvager Hapi - Nile God Decembris - December O Sole Mio shades of blue Thinking of You Ravens three trains All'll aboard
migration time D for David behind the shower door Ayyappa channel swimmer 1945 Jordon wrecker chirp chirp slurp slurp Yeo, we've got visitors Patchy don't look they're naked embedded 29th Street Perils more than a hand full
Oh ! My Ahern, owner of horses well it hasn't fallen yet the peacefulness of the farm natural elements two bucks in the woods Huntsman Old MacDonald had a son red snappert Marius from the book Prince Lestat Calvin agony and ecstasy I peed myself just one in the pack
an Irish pint fire at well 8 owl you here to see the ships subway entrance Geisha Janus - January Peterhof mine's the yellow house belt buckle the smirk snowing pompeii exploration

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